Fraud in the Workplace; Let's Take a Look at What's in this Course

Employee fraud causes businesses and organizations to lose trillions of dollars each year, yet how often do you come across a management agenda that has fraud prevention on it. In my experience, it is very rare.

It's human nature to want to trust their colleagues, those with whom they spend a third of their daily existence working along side. But more often than you think, some of these people may be taking advantage of the company for their own personal benefit.

As the leader to whom such a responsibility this matter lies, you should at least acknowledge the risk as a starting place. Maybe through the course of these short lessons, you'll begin thinking about it some more and take some action if you haven't already. As a second step, you might share this course with some of your fellow executives to get their thoughts.

In this first lesson, I’ll give you an overview and tell you why you should be paying more attention to this issue.

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