At the beginning of this year, I announced that Jennifer Nicholson and I were joining forces to elevate the quality of professional development for professional accountants. Six months later, I’ll let you be the judge:

- We’ve launched a new Board Governance Program along with nearly a dozen other courses we’ve presented to thousands of financial professionals around the world.
- We’ve delivered 15 webinars on a variety of matters of the highest relevance to the Office of the CFO
- We’ve delivered in Professional Development across half of Canada and by the end of the year will now be in 60% of the provinces.
- We’ve got two new apps under development.
- We’ve got a book due for release in the next month promising the development of financial acumen in all Executives.

Today, Jen and I are proudly announcing the launch of our new website Executive Finance Partners Inc. I promised you that quality was going to take a monumental step forward and today, we deliver. At the same time, we are rebranding the company from to The new company is Executive Partners Inc. reflecting the partnership between both Jen and I and our client partners and future financial professionals who will join us in our cause.

Our mission is simple: “To be the best at professional development for financial professionals.” Being the best means a never ending quest to continuously seek out and improve upon the best practices and delivery of content to aspiring and existing executives. This mission has us curating and cultivating a library of contents of the best ideas we’ve been able to find to help today’s financial professionals become tomorrow’s financial executives.

A special thanks to Alif Momin, our partner of e-commerce. Alif has spearheaded the development of the new website and the integration of variety of e-commerce enabling technologies to create this seamless educational experience for our customers and clients.

It was Jen’s idea to hire a professional photographer ( This turned out to be a stroke of genius. Not only did we have a tonne of fun working with Tim, but his photos are just soooo good. Honestly, we ended up buying more than twice as many as we had planned.

To appreciate where we are today, you have to appreciate how far we’ve come.

Four and half years ago I started this company. My objective was to create something that was above all else an authentic attempt at presenting a practitioner’s honest perspective of business theory. I wanted to create an collection assets and content that transcended existing live, e-learning, and blended programs. I was sick and tired of developing higher level learning programs that were boring and dry.

I don’t pretend to have it perfected but to see the evolution of what I’ve learned is remarkable. To be honest, those first courses I developed fours years ago pale by comparison to the quality I have more recently been able to achieve. With every course we develop, we get better, and better, and better.

If you go back in the blog far enough, you will see how I used to report every few months when I got another 1,000 views on YouTube. Last year, I announced that we surpassed one million views. Six months later, another half a million views and frankly, it’s not even a metric we look at any more.

I began this company by delivering a few programs through my local professional training school and at the local university. From there, I landed a huge contract at CPA Canada to amalgamate the programs of all the legacy accounting designations. At the same time, I began developing my own proprietary professional development programs targeting those new professionals who aspire to the office of the CFO.

In the ensuing years, I’ve continued on both fronts to develop national certification programs and expand our proprietary programs from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island to Manitoba, and New Brunswick to Saskatchewan.

At the same time, we’ve partnered with in California and completed dozens of projects in various areas including, conference presentations, webinars, on-line course development, whitepapers, and the design of a proprietary competency assessment tool for every member of the office of the CFO.

It’s been an amazing journey. Jen and I have so many ideas that we believe can help so many financial professionals and organizations accelerate growth and development. The best is definitely yet to come.

If you’ve been following us for a while – thank you. If you are finding us for the first time – it’s not to late – welcome and please reach out to us. We love to hear from you. Take our courses, enroll in our programs, and ask us your questions. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and dozens of organizations deal with navigating the complexity of modern finance.

All the best,

Blair and Jen

Executive Finance Partners Inc.