To answer all that user email wondering what is going on at the, I’m happy to report that YES, I’m still alive!

I continue working with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada on developing the new certification program for the profession. This has been such an incredible project, a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a professional program from the ground up. Unfortunately, it has put my aspirations to develop this website on hold for a few more months. But rest assured, there are still lots of ideas rumbling around in the background.

General Ledger, my first app, was released for iPod and iPad last summer. It has recently become available for Android devices. I’m yet to do an official launch as I’m also working on developing a web enabled version and a supporting website. Personally, I still think this app has incredible potential for accounting educators and students alike, which is why I continue investing in its development. The ‘lite’ version is freely available in the app store or android equivalent, so give it a whirl and recommend it to your students/friends- endless hours of “fun.” An official launch announcement will be forthcoming once the website is ready to go.

The CFO Program has now been successfully delivered for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia a couple times in 2013. I’ve also delivered components of it to CMA Atlantic Conference and ACC Group in recent months. So this one, two, or three day program is available for delivery on demand or request. If you are looking for a leading edge presentation of finance concepts that pertain to those aspiring toward the role of CFO, then let me know. I absolutely love talking about the world and role of finance and the path to the CFO position.

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to post many new videos on YouTube in recent months, but I’m truly inspired by the new contacts I’ve been able to make from around the world. I’ve got ideas bursting from my mind on things I want to develop later this year. Send along any ideas you have and this may help me prioritize where to go next. An unbelievable 330,000 videos of the most mundane topics have been viewed by those interested in various finance topics. It’s not quite the millions I’m hoping for, but considering I’ve only been tackling the truly obscure topics such as auditing and advanced accounting, it still surprises me that there is even this level of interest in this sort of information.

So thank you for your continued interest in finance, in the, and in pursing a career in seriously senior finance.