…on the official launch of the Proformative Academy. I hope it’s wildly successful. I’ve been collaborating with the folks at Proformative for a few months now discussing all sorts of ideas. Hopefully, a few of them come to fruition, the Academy is but a first step. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, they are going to help me out with a couple of really important pieces of my on-line course offerings:

1. I’m now distributing my CFO courses through Proformative.com exclusively, though I will continue to maintain sample free content on my website. This will now, and finally, allow learners to get CPD or CPE credits for sitting through an hour or more of online professional development.

2. Now I also get to see if there is actually a business in developing proprietary e-learning for financial professional. I do all kinds of it for clients. I can tell you that the free-ium model is not all that lucrative for obscure finance courses relying on passive advertising revenue to fund continued development. I had kind of hoped it would be somewhat lucrative, because frankly, I love giving away content and meeting people from all over the world. But it’s not and I need to figure out a funding model that allows me to spend more of my time making courses and developing ever improving videos.

So our scorecard is, bear in mind we’ve been at this for about 2 years, we have accumulated nearly 4,000 subscriber on YouTube. We have nearly 500,000 views of videos on YouTube. I’ve lost track of how many people have subscribed to the blog, but worry most are spammers anyway, so I don’t think that number matters. And perhaps most interesting, by far the most popular course is the auditing course, which probably accounts for half of all the views. You never can tell what is going to be of interest.

As for some other corporate updates from the Finance Learning Academy. I’ve had some time in the last month or so to develop a few more courses. The first one is on Capital Allocation. The hard core finance geek in me loves this course because it shows that generating a higher return is not always about working harder, working smarter is so so so much more effective.

The second course is Presentation Skills for Finance Executives. I’ve actually been researching this topic for four months reading every book I could find on the topic. I can tell you, it’s changed the way I’m going to develop courses from now on (the two courses have been developed with what I’ve learned in mind), that’s how much I loved learning about this topic. I hope you enjoy it as well.

I have a third course on Strategic Advisory Services coming out shortly. This is a further refinement of the strategic management course I developed a few years ago. In my travels and in talking with financial professionals, the topic of strategic management is so overwhelming that they find it challenging to dig and run with it. So in this course, I’ve scrapped a lot of the guru-speak and boiled it down to its essence, something practical for today’s small and medium sized businesses that typically don’t have a corporate development function and most often rely on a their public accountant for trusted advice.

So, now you’re in the loop as much as I. I’d like to get back to blogging, but unfortunately, I’m forced to rely on the consulting side of the business to keep paying the bills. I’ll let you know how this next phase of evolution goes in a few months time. Maybe, I’ll change it up again. Feel free to reach out through email or LinkedIn, I’m always glad to make connections with people all over the world through this little ongoing experiment.