Announcing the launch of my latest hair-brained educational idea – FUN FINANCE. I’m not sure how I sucked Jen into doing this with me, but she and I are going to try creating a daily series of short, fun, and educational videos about various finance topics.

The plan is to initially launch these on YouTube and see if we can develop any sort of following (thanks to all 42 of your who are actively following our initial episodes).

More importantly, we are doing this to experiment with different ways to think about and present various financial topics. It’s a creative endeavor more than anything.

The goals for this series are to:

1. Keep each episode to 5 minutes. Quick, quick, quick. Learn something, have a few giggles, and get on with your day.

2. Keep the development time for each of us less than hour per episode (which by the way, is super hard to do)

3. To make better finance learning. To redefine how accounting and finance can be taught to aspiring professionals.

So that’s about it. Check us out at our YouTube Channel: LearnFinanceToday and join the conversation. We are always happy to receive feedback and even answer questions you may have. Your questions may be our next episode. We need lots of ideas. Until next time.

(Course views are now over 1.1 million!!)